...well not exactly, but hear me out. Obviously the Collection Little Mix All About the Eyes Palette (given to me by the lovely Ellie from beautybyelliee.blogspot.co.uk) is not a total dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette seeing as the former only has 6 shades compared to the latter's 12. However, I noticed the other day that there were quite a few similar shades so I got my swatch on and, as you can see, all the shades in the Collection palette are identical (or near enough) dupes for shades in the Urban Decay palette. 

As for quality, the Urban Decay palette is obviously gorgeous but the Collection one is not far behind considering it's less than a tenth of the price. The shadows are smooth, well pigmented, easy to blend and long lasting - they definitely feel far more expensive than they are. The only issue is that you get quite a bit of fall out when applying them but this can easily be avoided by doing your eye makeup before foundation. So, if you don't quite have the budget to shell out £37 for the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette but want something along the same lines or you're after a more condensed and travel friendly version I would definitely recommend picking this up.

Thanks for reading x