I'm back today with a few more bits and bobs that I've been loving over the past few months. First up, the Body Shop Glazed Apple Body Butter. It goes without saying that, like all Body Shop body butters, this is thick, creamy and hydrating but the thing I love most about this is the smell. Apple is my absolute favourite scent and this smells just...URG. DELICIOUS. This was limited edition over Christmas (sobs because Christmas is over) so you might be able to still find it in the sales but if not, we'll have to cross our fingers and hope they bring it back next year.

I've always been a shimmer eyeshadow kinda gal so when the Urban Decay Naked Basics came out I wasn't really fussed. But for some reason I've really been loving matte eyeshadows recently and I realised I didn't really have any in my collection. So a few weeks ago I picked up said palette and I've been using it non-stop. It's a dinky little thing (about the size of an iPhone 4 for reference) with 6 shades but it's so versatile; you've got highlight shades, lid shades, crease shades, eyebrow shades and a black for liner. My favourite look has been Naked 2 all over the lid with Faint in the crease and a little bit of Venus in the inner corner. Simple but effective.

I bought the Maybelline Colour Drama Lipstick in Minimalist after hearing some good things and I've already had so much use out of it. It's a very natural light pink with a tiny bit of shimmer which is very close to my natural lip colour but just adds a little something. Being a pencil, I expected it to drag on my lips and be quite dry but it actually applies smoothly and is pretty moisturising so a big thumbs up from me.

Finally, a nail polish that was on my fingers the whole of December: Adrenalin by Topshop. Adrenalin is a pinky, holographic glitter with different sized particles in it and what I love about this is how it can be worn over literally any colour and just make it a little bit more fun and festive. Hands down my favourite glitter.

Writing about all of this stuff has actually made me quite sad because it's reminded me of what I loved over Christmas and how it's all over for another year. January sucks.

Thanks for reading x