IT'S 2015, HAPPY NEW YEAR! And what better way to celebrate than to look back on some of my favourite makeup discoveries of 2014? I've mentioned several of these before so I'll make this snappy so I'm not boring you by repeating myself.

When I discovered the L'oreal True Match Foundation a few months ago, it immediately became my new favourite and I've used it pretty much every day since. It's got the perfect amount of coverage for me (light/medium but buildable), blends effortlessly, is invisible on the skin and the colour match is spot on.

I am a mascara whore. I have never bought the same mascara twice and every time I finish one I'm on to a different one. However, this year I discovered the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara and it is the closest I've come to a perfect mascara. It's got a big, rubber wand with funky little balls on it which give you separated lashes with  loads of volume. I'm not saying I'm going to stop trying mascaras but I'm definitely going to repurchase this as soon as it runs out.

For me, 2014 had been The Year Of The Brow. I'd never really been bothered about my eyebrows before and, aside from plucking them, I'd just let them be but this year I saw the light and realised how filling in your eyebrows can affect your whole face. My absolute favourite product for my eyebrows is the Soap and Glory Archery Pencil. I am currently on my second one as I use it every single day and even when I've only got 2 minutes to do my makeup, this is a necessity. I've done a full review on it here if you'd like to hear me going on about how I love it some more.

I finally got the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette this year and I am in love. Yes, I am aware that I am so late on the bandwagon with this one that I've actually missed the bandwagon because the driver was bored of waiting for me and is currently halfway across the world (I am also aware I got far too into that metaphor).  I reach for it every time I wear eyeshadow and there is not one of the 12 beautifully soft, pigmented, blendable, neutral shades in this palette that I wouldn't use.

Something you may not know about me is that I have a slight nail polish addiction, so much so that my parents are concerned I have a genuine problem. The two that I have used the most this year are Essie's After School Boy Blazer and Barry M's Huckleburry. The Essie one is a deep navy that I wear all year round and I love it because it's not quite as harsh as black but has the same effect. The Barry M one is a very pale blue that I wore almost the entire summer as white in it makes your hands look lovely and tanned. Every time I wore it, I ended up getting complimented on how nice it looked - definitely cracking this one back out in 2015.

So there you have it, not quite as snappy as I would've liked but all my favourite makeup discoveries from the past 12 months.

Thanks for reading x