I'm sure lots of you will have a drawer/box/bag of products you've bought that was just a bit crap you don't use for whatever reason. Well fear not because I have compiled a list of alternative uses for your unloved stuff so you don't feel like you completely wasted your money...

  • Spray a little bit of hairspray onto a spoolie brush and use it to fix your eyebrows or comb flyaways
  • Conditioner can be used as a shaving cream for your legs
  • Use shampoo to wash your makeup brushes and make them smell delicious (as long as it isn't too harsh)
  • Mix some sugar into an old lip balm to make a DIY lip scrub
  • Rub body lotion or Vaseline inside new shoes to prevent blisters
  • Apply lipstick to your cheeks and use as blush
  • Perfume samples you're never going to use can be used as nail polish remover
  • Any bronzer, blushes or highlighters that don't work on your face can always be used as eyeshadow
  • Loose (translucent) powder works as a dry shampoo
  • Toner can get rid of dodgy fake tan streaks
  • Or just give it away! Just because something doesn't work for you, it doesn't mean it won't work for someone else 

It's quite sad how satisfying I find writing lists. I hope that was helpful and if anyone has any more tips then please leave them below.

Thanks for reading, Lucy x