I did it. I popped my Nars cherry (oo-er). I've had a Nars wishlist as long as my arm since I first started reading beauty blogs but the price has always put me off as I'd don't exactly have the budget for £25 eyeshadow duos. That said, I was at Anna and Lily's Beauty Chat Live in Brighton the other week (it was amazing and Anna and Lily were so lovely, btw) and my £15 ticket was redeemable for anything in the store so I thought 'why not?' and bought the bea-u-tiful Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Kalahari. What can I say? I live life on the edge.

Obviously the classic, matte-black, rubberised packaging is very pretty and classy but mine is already covered in makeup-y fingerprints which is slightly annoying. The eyeshadows themselves, though, are gorgeous and Nars describes them as a 'gold confection and sugared cocoa'. I'm pretty crap at describing colours but I'd say they are a medium, shimmery gold and a slightly less shimmery brown/taupe, both with purple/mauve undertones (my swatch photo makes them look more warm/coppery, SOZ). The consistency is buttery soft and pigmented and very, very easy to blend. I don't know if I'd pay £25 for it if I didn't get a meet and greet with my two favourite bloggers included but nevertheless this little palette has quickly become a new favourite and has made me want to try more from Nars.

Have you tried any Nars? What do you recommend?

Thanks for reading, Lucy x