By 'mini airport haul' I mean a mini haul of things I bought at the airport not a haul of mini airports. I don't want any confusion.

Now that we've cleared that up, on with the show. As you'll know from my last post (or not if you just skipped past it, in which case educate yo'self here) I went on holiday to Spain a couple of weeks ago which involved not one but two trips to the airport - just in case you weren't aware of the concept of a holiday.  Airports are dangerous places for people like me who are fond of spending money, have a mild obsession with makeup and a couple of hours to spare. That said, I was rather well behaved and only bought three things in duty free.

I've never been that fussed about mascara, I use it everyday but it doesn't excite me like foundations or eyeshadows do (god that sounds lame) so I don't tend to fork out for it. However, I've had my eye on Benefit's They're Real for a while now and since it was (slightly) cheaper at the airport I thought WHY THE HELL NOT and bought it. What can I say, I'm wild. Anyways, I love it. Not sure if I'll spend £20 on another tube when it runs out but it is bloody good for length, curl, volume, everything.

I also bought two new MAC eyeshadows to go in my palette, which is terribly exciting. Unfortunately the airport didn't sell the refill eyeshadows, only the ones in pots but they still worked out cheaper than normal so I bought them anyway and I will just de-pot them (tutorial coming soon - watch this space people). The colours I got were Brule, a rather boring but essential matte white/cream, and Sable which is a shimmery, slightly purple-toned bronzey brown. Like all MAC eyeshadows, the quality is great: soft, blendable, pigmented, you know the drill.

What's the last thing you bought in duty free?

Thanks for reading, Lucy x