Firstly, please excuse the unwashed nature of my brushes - don't judge me, I bet yours aren't clean either. Secondly, despite my obvious dislike for washing them, I love makeup brushes so picking my top 10 was no easy task. Today I'm sharing my favourites that are on the cheaper end of the spectrum because I also love a bargain.

1. The Morphe M180 is my perfect powder brush. It's soft, picks up just the right amount of powder and is not too big so I can apply powder where I need it without it swamping my little pea-head (Real Techniques Powder Brush, I'm looking at you).

2. The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is the best for liquids/creams: the domed shape and density makes buffing in foundation quick and easy which is ideal when I'm half asleep and haphazardly slapping my face on.

3. The Real Techniques Blush Brush is my favourite for bronzer because I don't play by the rules. It's beautifully soft and fluffy so blends out bronzer without any harsh lines and the tapered end fits perfectly on the temples, under the cheekbones and around the jawline. 

4. The Real Techniques Sculpting Brush is a must-have for contouring noobs like myself. The flattened, angled shape fits neatly underneath your cheekbones and the density spreads out the product to avoid dodgy, stripy contour.

5. The Real Techniques Setting Brush is what I use for my highlighter. It's small, fluffy, tapered end is ideal for blending out the product on the tops of the cheeks as well as down the nose, on the chin, across the forehead and basically anywhere else you want to be glowy af. 

6. The Zoeva Luxe Smoky Shader Brush is my staple flat shader brush. Everybody needs one of these in their collection and this one is my favourite for packing on eyeshadow all over the lid.

7. The Zoeva Luxe Petit Crease Brush is a lot more precise than your standard blending brush but fluffier than a pencil brush which makes it ideal for applying and blending colours into the crease.

8. The Zoeva Luxe Soft Definer Brush is what I use every single time I wear eyeshadow to blend everything out at the end. Everybody should own one (at least). It's very similar to the MAC 217 but a lot cheaper and softer so it's a no-brainer really.

9. The Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush is perfect for when you've got about 3 and a half minutes to do your makeup but still need to look vaguely presentable. The flat side applies eyeshadow all over the lid and the tapered, fluffy end blends it out. Job done.

10. The Morphe E24 is a versatile little thing. It's like a big pencil brush and I like to use it for highlighting the inner corner, blending eyeshadow into the lower lashline, putting colour into the outer corner... the list goes on. Basically, you need it. 

All of these brushes, that I use on the daily, are under £10 and I really don't see the point in paying any more than that when the likes of Real Techniques, Zoeva and Morphe are such good quality.

Thanks for reading, Lucy x