It's probably pretty obvious by now that I like makeup. I spend more time with the staff in my local Boots than my own family, 90% of my wages go on neutral eyeshadows and I have been known to physically drool over photos of highlighter. That being said, there are a few beauty-based thing that I just have never got to grips with and probably never will...

You'd expect that as a beauty blogger I would be as equally passionate about skincare as I am about makeup but, sadly, that's not the case. I know this is going to hurt some of you but skincare just doesn't excite me in the slightest. I find it a chore to use which is why I keep my 'skincare routine' to the absolute bare minimum and very rarely buy new products - if I find something I like I will use and repurchase it forever with no desire to try anything new. 

Now, I'm all about the Mary Berry kind of baking but as a makeup trend I just can't get on board. In case you're unfamiliar, baking involves packing translucent powder under the eyes to set makeup and leaving it for a few minutes to absorb oils and the like before brushing it away. I've given this a fair few gos but I always end up with dry, flakey-looking, ghostly white under-eyes and probably some powder in my lungs due to inhaling it in the process. 

This one probably comes from having a rather ruddy complexion. I spend time and money on products designed to disguise the red, blotchiness on my face so I can't imagine why I'd want to put the rosiness back into my cheeks. On everyone else, blush looks fresh and glowy and pretty but when I wear it just looks like I've been on a sweaty run.

Glossy lips look beautiful. But as much as love having full, shiny lips, I can't wear lipgloss for more than a few minutes without getting annoyed and wiping it off. As someone who is generally messy, I can't eat or drink or talk or breathe without smudging it all over my face. And, if I ever leave the house with it on, there's a slight breeze and BAM hair in my lipgloss and lipgloss in my hair. Way too high maintenance for me.

I completely get the logic behind this one and I could probably benefit from it (bright red face, see above) but honestly I just can't be arsed. Five different coloured concealers for all different areas of my face plus my standard primer/concealer/foundation/powder routine is a lot of faff and it doesn't seem to do very much.

What beauty products and trends can you not get on board with?

Thanks for reading, Lucy x

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