Life is hard with impaired vision. You can't lie on your side while wearing specs, 3D glasses over normal glasses is a nightmare and walking in the rain requires wiping off the droplets every 30 seconds. However, I have managed to pick up a few glasses-based makeup tips...

Glasses tend to draw attention to your eyebrows so it's a good idea to pay extra attention to them, making them bolder and more defined. Also, depending on the shape of your specs, the frames can partly hide your brows so highlighting them with concealer or drawing your arch slightly higher than normal helps to emphasise where the glasses end and the brows begin.

The general rule of thumb with winged liner is to keep it in proportion to the frames: the thicker the frames, the thicker the liner. This will stop your eyes getting lost behind your glasses and a flesh-toned pencil in the waterline can help them look bright and open.

It's tempting to skip under-eye concealer when you can hide behind glasses but the shadows from your specs can actually emphasise dark circles rather than masking them. Using a peachy-toned colour correcter under a brightening concealer can combat this.

We've all been there: you spend half an hour carefully lengthening and separating your lashes but as soon as you put your glasses back on they hit the lenses and smudge mascara all over the shop. Curling your lashes first and applying mascara in a upward motion means you can have long, voluminous lashes that don't touch your glasses and make a smeary mess.

One of the most annoying parts of wearing glasses is the delightful red marks left on the sides of your nose when you remove them. Packing on translucent powder around this area should stop your specs rubbing away your foundation and, as a bonus, soak up some oil to stop them sliding down your nose.

Have you got any other tips about wearing makeup with glasses?

Thanks for reading, Lucy x

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