I've said before on this blog that I'm not really fussed about skincare. I don't know what's changed in the last couple of months but that's just not true anymore and now I'm slightly obsessed - especially with this brand. I hadn't heard of Evolve Beauty before but I met them at a We Heart Mondays event in December and I've been using their stuff religiously ever since.

I've been using the Hyaluronic Acid Serum 200 morning and night before my moisturiser and it's pretty great stuff. Since using this I've definitely noticed a difference in how my skin looks and feels: it's softer, plumper and generally just hydrated and happy. The bottle seems quite dinky so I was worried I'd get through it way too quickly but I've been using it twice a day for over 2 months and it's not running out any time soon.

I feel like the Radiant Glow Mask is the kind of product everyone would love, regardless of your skin type. I reach for this whenever my skin is a bit meh and it sorts me right out. Ingredients include clay, raw cacao powder, almond oil and coconut granules which is apparently a magic combination because this mask calms and reduces spots, exfoliates and hydrates. Afterwards my skin is soft, clear and glowing - I can't get enough. It also smells and looks like chocolate cake mix (but doesn't taste as good...yes I've tried it...).

The Daily Renew Natural Face Cream has also become a part of my everyday skincare routine. Before bed I slather it on and let my skin just soak it up overnight and in the morning I am smooth and soft and glowing. If you've got really dry skin it could definitely be a morning moisturiser but for me it's slightly too heavy. 

Honestly I can't recommend this brand enough. Everything I've tried have become instant favourites and I'll definitely repurchase. Their philosophy is right up my street, too: organic, natural and cruelty free. What's not to like?

Thanks for reading, Lucy x

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