Not gonna lie to you, I'm sucker for pretty products and nice packaging and cool ad campaigns. I love to buy makeup and I 100% get sucked into the hype around new releases. At this time of year there are new products being announced left, right and centre so I wanted to share which ones I'm planning to pick up and which are going to be a hard pass. 

I said a couple of posts ago that I wanted new shades of the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb and clearly RiRi reads my blog because my wish has been granted. Diamond Milk is a beautiful shimmery pearl that's supposed to be a 'dewy highlight for your lips' - gimme. The original is my all time favourite lip gloss: the formula is smooth and not at all sticky, the shimmer makes your lips look super juicy and even the packaging is gorgeous. But that's not all, folks. Fenty are also releasing a new highlighter in the form of Diamond Bomb. When this was first announced I didn't think I needed it but after seeing pictures of people wearing it, well, it turns out I do need it. This highlighter is a sheer, silver sparkle that I want to put all over my face and body. I'm really intrigued by the formula, too, it's a kind of bouncy cream/powder hybrid? If it's anything like the Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter formula I am going to love this. 

I've never really been that interested in anything from Huda Beauty but the new Obsessions Eyeshadow Palettes are something else. There's 5 new palettes launching each inspired by a different gemstone and all containing rich, jewel-toned mattes and bright, duo chrome metallics. The previous Obsession palettes have all been a bit meh but the shades in these ones are so bright and unique compared to most palettes on the market right now. Personally, I'm swooning over Emerald and Ruby.

Out of all the new releases I've mentioned, I think that the Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Palette is the first thing I'm grabbing when payday rolls around. The packaging might be a bit twee for my liking but the colours in this are real cute. It's very wearable with warm brown and rosy shades but there's also more interesting colours like a matte hot pink, a metallic aubergine and a shimmery olive green. Plus it smells like gingerbread which I'm very excited about. 

It's no surprise that Colourpop have a new collection out but I think this is my favourite that they've released for quite a while. The Good Sport Eyeshadow Palette (which I always read in the voice of Leonardo DiCaprio from The Great Gatsby) is very autumnal and bang on trend. Purple, yellow and green tones are definitely having a bit of a moment right now so I can see this palette being pretty popular. I'm also very intrigued by the Crush on You Highlighter Palette. I'll admit this looks like a million other highlighter palettes BUT these are actually the Supershock formula, not pressed powders. Colourpop Super Shock Highlighters are hands down my favourite highlighters so I'm very excited to try them in palette form.

I've never tried anything from Hourglass before but I've always been intrigued by their Ambient Lighting Powders so the Ambient Lighting Edit Palette is so tempting. They release palettes like this every year but this one in particular is calling my name. It features two of the Ambient Lighting Powders (lightweight powders that set your makeup but still look glowy - yum), a bronzer, two blushes and a highlighter. Hourglass are famous for their glowy, natural powders so if, like me, you've been wanting to try them out this is a great way to do it. 

Normally I'm a big fan of Kat Von D, her makeup line I mean not her stance on vaccination, but their new collection really isn't doing it for me. There's a few colours in the Fetish Eyeshadow Palette that I would wear but overall I feel like it's very uncohesive. I'm not sure if it's down the way the shades are laid out or what but I wouldn't know how to create a look from this palette. I had the same problem with last year's Saint and Sinner Palette: there were some nice shades but they didn't go together at all. The Fetish Blush Palette looks very pretty, containing lilac, orange and hot pink blushes with matching highlighters but the shades are so bold and bright I can't see them being wearable, especially not for someone like me who is slightly scared of blush.

Now, the Natasha Denona Safari Palette isn't a bad palette. It's actually quite nice. There's a good mix of warm and cool shades in some wearable but unique tones and if I owned this palette I'd absolutely get some use out of it. So what's the problem? IT'S $129. One hundred and twenty nine dollars. I'm sure the formula is good but personally I can't imagine any eyeshadow formula being so good it's worth that much money? Anastasia Beverly Hills has a cracking matte eyeshadow formula and their palettes are £40ish and Colourpop and Makeup Geek singles are great and only a few quid each so I really couldn't justify buying this. And that says a lot, coming from me the compulsive shopper.

Speaking of Anastasia, I love them I really do, but the Sultry Palette missed the mark for me. Since this is technically a holiday release, I was really looking forward to another palette like Prism with jewel tones! And duochromes! And fun! But this is just so boring. I'm sure the formula is going to be great, as always, but if you're even remotely interested in makeup I guarantee you already own these exact shades. The bright coral is an exception but I'm not going to buy a whole palette for one colour. ABH are also bringing out 8 loose Glitters which are stunning, don't get me wrong, but if I wanted glitter I don't think I'd go for these. The colours are gorgeous but I know I can definitely find cheaper ones, like the NYX Face and Body Glitter, that are just as good because glitter is glitter right?

There's a new Urban Decay Naked Palette! But I probably won't buy it! The Naked Cherry Palette is pretty - I love me some pinky/plummy tones - but I think that, just like with the Naked Heat, you can only really create one look with it. The colours are very nice but I feel like whatever you do it's always going to end up looking the same on the eye. I would've liked a couple of more unique shades: maybe a bright cherry red, a hot pink or even a green just so you could create a wider variety of looks.

I'm going to be brief about this last one because, I'm not gonna lie, I find it really dull. The KKW Beauty Classic Blossom Palette is like the Naked Cherry but even more boring. I don't think there's been a single KKW release that I've been interested in, to be honest. Everything she brings out just seems really uninspired and very neutral. Now I'm a big fan of neutrals, don't get me wrong, but at this point the market is so saturated that if you're going to bring out neutral makeup, and charge as much as Kim K does, it's got to be a bit unique and great quality and I don't think this palette is either.

Which of these new launches are you interested in and which ones are you going to pass on? Please don't be offended if I slagged off something you're looking forward to, these are just my personal reasons for why I may or may not want to buy something.

Thanks for reading, Lucy x

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