Glossier is one of those brands that just gets me. Everything about their products and their packaging  and their marketing images is gorgeous and makes me want to buy all of it.  So when I saw they were doing a phat Black Friday sale I knew I had to treat myself to something. It would be rude not to, quite frankly. 

I'd been eyeing up the Futuredew since it came out so I finally decided to take the plunge. Glossier describe this as an 'oil serum hybrid' but I don't know how accurate that is. It's more of a gel texture that toes the line between skincare and makeup but, personally, I like to use it under my foundation -  kind of like a primer. It feels a little bit tacky when first applied but quickly sinks in and leaves you with a really hydrated and glowy base. You already know I'm a dry boi so I really love how this makes my foundation look fresh and healthy and radiant even though I'm secretly crusty underneath. It really packs a punch in terms of glow, though, which is great for me but unfortunately I don't think this would work for my oily-skinned pals because you might just end up looking...wet.

I also grabbed a Balm Dotcom because everyone raves about them, and I think the lesson here is that peer pressure is great because I'm so glad I caved. It's so comfortable and hydrating on the lips but it has a thicker, more waxy texture than most balms so it's not overly shiny or slippy. This is especially great if you're not a big makeup wearer and don't want your lips looking too glossy but you still want them to be moisturised (because you're not an animal). Choosing which flavour to get was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made (I know - some people have real problems) but I eventually settled on the mango one. But, if mango isn't your thing, there's seven others in a range of flavours and tints to choose from. I've got my eye on the coconut one next...

I'm on a real lip gloss kick at the moment so, naturally, the Holographic Lip Gloss caught my eye. This is a clear gloss with a subtle opalescent shimmer that adds dimension and the prettiest shine without being glittery. The texture is pretty thick and slightly on the sticky side so if that bothers you then maybe steer clear but, honestly, it looks so nice on the lips I don't even mind. 

Finally, I decided to repurchase Boy Brow because my life was a little empty without it. This is arguably the product Glossier is most famous for and rightly so. It adds thickness, texture and hold to your brows without making them crispy or unnatural looking. It can be used on its own for a fluffy, groomed-but-not-too-groomed vibe, or as a final step after a brow pencil/pomade to set everything in place.

Have you tried anything from Glossier?

Thanks for reading, Lucy x

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