Shaving is one of my least favourite things. It's right up there with wasps, mushrooms, and people who walk slowly in front of me but not quite slowly enough for me to overtake them. So, when I saw some other bloggers talking about Friction Free Shaving on Twitter (@lucystarryskies - follow me for some top notch banter) I knew I had to see what the fuss was about.

Essentially, Friction Free Shaving is a super affordable subscription box that delivers fresh razor blades to your door every month. In your first box you get your razor handle - obviously I went for the rose gold because I'm a basic bitch - and four blades which you change every week. Then every  following month you receive four more blades. Honestly, I feel like this idea is kind of genius. I tend to use cheap disposable razors until they're completely blunt and useless, but with this I always get a super close shave, no cuts and no razor bumps. The blades have a vitamin E strip so they just glide over the skin and the head pivots 90 degrees which makes it easy to navigate knees and ankles and  other bumps. My legs have never been so silky smooth and I love it. Also the rose gold razor looks  super cute so there's that.

One of my favourite parts of this service, though, is how you can customise your subscription. As well as the blades you can add shaving cream, body scrub or post shave balm to arrive every month. Or, if you find you're not using up the blades fast enough and getting a bit of a backlog you can choose to swap next month's set of blades for any of the shower products. You can also choose to get your subscription every two months if you're not using up all your blades in time. AND they send random little freebies every now and then - last month I got a razor holder that sticks to the shower wall - which is great because who doesn't love free stuff?

I really can't recommend this company enough. If you're anything like me and find shaving a big ol' chore then you have to check them out. Plus if you sign up in July you can use the code JUL25 to get 25% off and free engraving on your razor handle (not an affiliate code btw, just helping you save some dolla dolla bills).

Thanks for reading, Lucy x