Are you impressed at the amount of colour in this photo? Apparently this summer I chucked the warm neutral eyeshadows out the window and I'm quite proud of myself, not gonna lie.

I did a full review of the Urban Decay Born To Run palette here but I wanted to mention it again because this was the only palette I took on my 3 week trip to Canada and it did me well. This really is the perfect palette for travel: you've got highlight shades, transition shades, smokey shades, neutral shades and bright pops of colour all in one place. The big ol' mirror was really handy when I was doing my makeup in various hotels and hostels and the packaging is surprisingly slim and lightweight for the number of eyeshadows inside.

Continuing the bright eyeshadow train, I'm really in love with the Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo in Mimosa Sunrise/Sangria Sunset. The name may be a bit of a mouthful but these metallic powders are pure summery perfection. I think they are technically highlighters but because I'm a bad bitch who doesn't play by the rules I've been using them as eyeshadows. And because they're supposed to be used as highlighters they're not too intense so while the colours may look intimidating in the pan, they're actually a really pretty and wearable light wash of colour.

Brow gel is not a product I ever thought I'd be raving about because, well, it's a bit boring innit? But after trying Glossier Boy Brow I've changed my mind. I'm not sure how but this tiny tube tints, sets and fluffs brows making them look sculpted and natural. I ruined my natural brows many years ago by overplucking and they've never quite recovered so I like to fill them in with pencil first and then finish with this but it could definitely be worn alone if you didn't overpluck in your tweens.

I bought my next two faves on my first ever trip to a Sephora when I was in Canada and, let me just say, it was MAGICAL. It's quite outrageous that we don't have one in London, can someone sort that out please? Anyway, I've had my eye the ABH Powder Bronzers since they were released a few months ago but I wanted to wait until I could swatch them in store because online the shades all look veeery similar. I ended up going for Rosewood which is the lightest shade with a slight pink undertone which makes it a really natural tan shade for me. I've been getting a lot of use out of this recently because, believe it or not, my pasty ass got quite tanned while I was away and all my foundation is too light now.

On the flip side, I definitely didn't plan on picking up the Kat Von D Metal Crush Highlighter in Gold Skool but as soon as I saw it I knew I needed it. My picture doesn't do this highlighter justice at all so I highly recommend running, yes running, to your nearest Kat Von D stand and checking it out in person because it really is a beauty. This shade is a metallic, champagney/gold with gold glitter  and tonnes of dimension that looks just magical on the skin.

Finally, a new foundation fave in the form of the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream. I'm still loving my Fenty Pro Filtr but for summer I wanted to try something glowier and more lightweight. I know this foundation is a bit of a cult favourite and I can see why: it feels like I'm not wearing anything on my skin but has really decent coverage. It's dewy and natural looking and, thanks to ingredients like hyaluronic acid, it feels like it's actually doing my skin some good. At £30 it's pretty pricy but it makes my skin look so damn good I think I'm gonna have to repurchase it forever and ever. Oh well.

Thanks for reading, Lucy x

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