I'm writing this on the 24th January and I haven't even taken my photos yet so you're probably reading this in mid-June, right? If you thought I was going to stop being chronically late in 2020 you were sadly mistaken. Anyways, here's my favourite makeup products I discovered in 2019.

I'm not even sure if this first product counts as makeup but my blog, my rules. The Glossier Futuredew is a bit of a confusing hybrid but my favourite way to use it is under my foundation in place of a primer. It's got a thick, gel texture that feels a little tacky at first but quickly sinks in. It adds a boost of hydration and a whole lotta glow so be careful not to go overboard or you might just end up looking sweaty. It's especially great under a matte foundation like the Fenty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation for when I need long-lasting, high coverage but still want a good dose of dewiness. 

Speaking of Fenty, in 2019 they came out with a hydrating version of their famous foundation and I am living for it. I know I say this a lot because I truly am a hoe for foundation but I really think the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Hydrating Longwear Foundation might be the one. I've really embraced the glowy foundation life this year and this one ticks all my boxes: hydrating, radiant, long-lasting, natural coverage, the list goes on. The only issue I have is that it can start looking a little too glowy by the end of the day but, as someone with dry skin, I'm not too mad about it. You might want to stay away if you're on the oilier side, though. 

The Huda Beauty Medium Nude Obsessions Palette is pretty new to my collection but the minute I set eyes on her I knew she would be an instant favourite. I haven't used any other shadows since I picked up this little palette and I don't think I will for a while. The pinky/terracota tones are right up my street, the formula is great and the dinky size makes it easy to cart back and forth between home and uni (which I seem to be doing all the time at the moment). And, even though it is a small palette, you've still got a really balanced selection of light, dark, metallic and matte shades. 

I went off powder highlighters for a good chunk of 2019 because I found that most just look too...powdery, especially on dry skin. But, the Milk Makeup Flex Highlighter in Lit has restored my faith. This is one of the creamiest powder highlighters I've ever used because it melts into skin rather than sitting on top of it like most do. This shade is super shiny and glowy without being glittery and it can be built up to be properly blinding if that's your thing. Also Milk's packaging just really turns me on. Clean, sleek, white and magnetic? Mmm yes please. 

2019 also blessed me with my all-time favourite bronzer. I really can't fault the Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk'r Instant Warmth Bronzer. It comes in 8 shades ranging from super pale to super dark with a variety of undertones which is almost unheard of for a bronzer. The formula is so smooth and blends out really easily so you can go in as heavy-handed as you like with it and it'll still look natural. Also, the reflective copper packaging is gorgeous, even if it does attract foundation fingerprints like nobody's business. 

I think the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Kitten Karma is probably one of my favourite makeup products of all time, let alone 2019. £24 is a lot for a liquid eyeshadow but I have well and truly got my money's worth from this little tube. It's the sparkliest, glitteriest, prettiest eyeshadow I've ever used and is just so easy to just swipe on. I'll never go back to faffing about with loose glitter and glue because this bad boy is unbelievably reflective, lasts all night and has barely any fall-out. I literally cannot praise it enough. 

Finally, I didn't think I'd be talking about a setting powder in this post because setting powders are probably the most boring makeup product but here we are. I was pleasantly surprised by the Colourpop No Filter Loose Setting Powder: I usually steer clear of loose powders because they are so messy but something about this packaging keeps mess to a minimum. I'm someone who feels like powder is necessary to keep everything in place but it's hard to use without it making my skin super dry and cakey (have I mentioned I have dry skin?). But, this one is super lightweight and sets my foundation without completely mattifying it - the glow still shines through.

What were your favourite makeup products from last year?

Thanks for reading, Lucy x

P.S. This post has really highlighted to me how ridiculously long the names of Fenty products are. Sort it out RiRi.

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