Today's post is brought to you by the sheer boredom of quarantine combined with a dress I've been eyeing up for ages going into the sale. The dress in question is this beauty from Motel Rocks (which is currently only £18) and, because I literally have nothing better to do, I've been raiding my wardrobe and working how I can style it. As it turns out, slip dresses are very versatile so here's a selection of different ways I'd wear this dress.

Obviously the easiest way to wear a slip dress is to just wear it. These dresses are effortlessly cute on their own with minimal accessories. I'd pair it with some silver hoops, bright white Air Forces and plenty of fake tan for a summery, dressed-down vibe. You can always add a belt as well if you want your waist to be well and truly snatched. I like this one from Motel Rocks because it adds a bit of edge to an otherwise pretty girly outfit. And, because I live in England, it would be ludicrous to leave the house without a jacket so I went for this oversized corduroy shirt from Nasty Gal to cover up a bit.

Speaking of covering up, it feels like it's going to be a while before I can expose as much skin as I am in the first picture without freezing to death so I'll be wearing this dress with layers underneath for the foreseeable future. The key to layering patterned pieces is picking a colour from the pattern to keep everything cohesive so, of course, I went for a lot of black. This t-shirt from Nasty Gal makes the outfit a little more casual and covers up those scandalous shoulders. I've also whacked on some Docs because I love how they grunge-up a girly dress. Or for a warmer version, you can't go wrong with a black turtleneck and tights. 

Another way to get more wear out of a dress is to pretend it's a top. Sometimes a dress feels a tad too fancy for just going to lectures so I like to tuck them into my jeans and then it's like I have an exciting little secret. It can be a bit tricky to stuff a lot of fabric into your jeans so I find this works best with mom jeans. The trick to avoiding the dreaded lumpy crotch is to really shove the dress down right down over your bum so the material isn't bunched up anywhere. It's like Ashley from Best Dressed says: if it looks appropriate to do in public, you're not doing it right.

Hopefully this gave you some ideas for your summer outfits - assuming we're actually released from quarantine before summer is over...

Thanks for reading, 
Lucy x

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